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Hypersoninc objects detection techniques

Active development of military flight vehicles moving at 5-20 Mach, including in near space, is currently underway in the developed countries of the world.

It should be expected that in the coming years, at least in the USA, Russia, China and some other countries, such hypersonic flight vehicles (HFV) and reusable hypersonic space planes (RHSP) will be adopted for service in mass numbers.


  • HFV X-51
The threat of HFVs today consists in, firstly, the possibility of delivering a destruct asset super fast to any point on the globe,

secondly, in inability of most modern surveillance and tracking radars to engage such targets:

  • within the observation time, an HFV normally crosses several resoluble volumes;
  • the complex signal compression filters need frequency tuning;
  • in inter-period processing, variations in the delays of the received signal envelopes can exert tangible influence;
  • problems of coherent integration and range rate observation connected with the above two items;
  • maneuvers (accelerations) of the observation objects can have influence on parameters of the detectors.


Development of a system of extraction of signals embedded in jamming for newly designed or upgraded surveillance and tracking radars to engage HFVs.


  • intra-period and inter-period HFV signals processing techniques;
  • algorithms and devices of overcoming the a-priori uncertainty in relation to variation of the coordinates and range rate of the HFV in detection problems.